Organic viticulture

In the year 2000, the first of our organic vineyards was planted, in the Alto de Mindiarte, and since then our efforts have focused on converting the rest to organic farming.

Today we can say that 100% of our vineyards are grown in an ecological way, and that we have recovered throughout these years the native flora and fauna, which are so important in the proper development of the vine.

Our vineyards are protected against pests and diseases with elements from nature, adhering to the maximum to a philosophy of environmental protection. We do not use herbicides, fungicides or any synthetic product, we are committed to biodiversity and sustainable development.


Our vineyards are located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a small town located in La Rioja Alta, known throughout the world for the extraordinary quality of its soils and its vineyards. To the protection of the Mountain range of Cantabria and to an altitude of 600 meters it enjoys an exceptional microclimate for the growth of the vine.

Although we have some centuries-old vineyards, we currently cultivate 35 hectares of our own vineyard with an average age of 45 years, divided into different plots, carried on trellises, with a large foliar mass and very good solar orientation, which practically receives the sun’s rays for the whole day.

Our vineyards enjoy calcareous clay soils very poor and stony, which makes the roots of the vines deepen in them in search of water and substrates, giving us as a result small productions of grapes but of great quality.


It is a variety of red grape typical from Rioja, it is very aromatic that produces a must balanced in sugar, color and acidity. It has an interesting palate and is really good for the aging in barrels.


It is a variety of white grape that offers fruity wines, with a delicate and fresh floral aroma. It is a perfect variety for fermentation and aging in barrels, and allows to produce very long-lived wines that improve over the years.


It is a variety of red grape that gives rise to highly appreciated wines. It produces a must of bright red color, important acidity, a very distinctive and pleasant aroma.


It is a variety of white grape with a great aromatic intensity. It brings to our white wine a soft texture when it comes into contact with the palate and aromas reminiscent of peach and white currant.

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